Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who gives a hoot!

Fort Snelling has been a real hoot for me these past few evenings. I have witnessed two baby owls on two occassions. They were very interested in the two legged animal imidtating their call.
I suspect they were even a bit irrated with me. I t was a cool site.

I have seen a fawn or two. It is a cool place to wonder into at evening. So often I have gone with feelings of discomfort or feeling lonely, or disconnected and the minute I start walking on the path and start hearing the sounds and seeing the movemnet of nature I feel present, renewed.

I t is that special place where no matter what...I feel close to god and to myself.

It seems like many many more people havre discovered this special place.

I hope to post some pictures I have taken in Fort Snelling soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bridge from down under

It was very beautiful the Mendota bridge. I have been sketching it for a few days. The arches I refer to eyes God's Eyes wide Open and all the beauty that passes through each day is spectacular.

It was late at night and I was trying to capture the momment with charcoal when it occured to me how beautiful it was as I looked up at it. The gaurd rails are decorative, the arches are huge and the lights at night create a glow and the beams of concrete create a criss cross design below. The Shadows were delightful.

I have been learning about shadows especially how it relates to drawing objects. On the other side of a shadow is something soilid and purposeful..now if I could only few my shadow side in that same way i wouldn't be so afraid of my shadow side. I would see it as purposeful instead of a burden or obstacle.

Isaw a tug boat pushing three barges the night I stayed to sketch the under bridge.
It continues to amaze me..the park called Fort Snelling..each time something new is revealed or explored. I did get a little spooked be down there at night...I always make sure to right a note or tell afriend that I am in the park.

Tidyings to you all

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ground Hog away...

I was not able to get to Fort Snelling today. But yesterday I saw a ground hog in a hole near the water. Funny to say I heard it before I saw it. The leaves are crunchy under my feet.

It was beautiful I moved and it turned around and mooned me with its big butt...too funny its the first time a mammal well lets think here... I have been mooned before by other mammals but mother natures moons are the best.

Fort Snelling